The Mix N Match Vocal Plugin (PRE ORDER)

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The Mix N Match Vocal Plugin

Instantly upgrade your vocals with a simple drag and drop with the Mix N Match vocal plugin. Designed to be used for both beginners and experienced artists/engineers

Each main knob has 3 studio quality presets built in to ensure you get the best sound such as; Equalizers, Compressors, Delays and Reverbs all interchangeable. Allowing you to customize your mix with ease. 

Some other cool features the Mix N Match vocal plugin offers:
De Esser button, to get rid of those harsh 's' sounds in your mix. 
Clarity button, to add more depth and warmth to your mix.
Noise Gate feature, to eliminate background noise and white noise.
Output Feature to easily change the volume of the plugin.
Bypass Button to easily turn off the plugin to check/hear raw vocals.
Extra Skins If our vintage look isn't your style, we have others included

All stock, No exterior plugins required or needed. Simply drag, Drop and your mix is perfect. One time payment, and you have it for life.

FL Studio Only

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